About the name:

BAChappellAdventures is a hashtag that I created when Brandon and I were moving to California. It originally was a hashtag to keep all of our special memories together and now that has evolved to an even larger arena for our adventures (this awesome blog!) The BA stands for Brandon and Alyssa but we also found it humorous as it also stands for Bad A** (which is how we often see ourselves and our adventures.) So it is very fitting!

What are your favorite hashtags? 

About Us:

Brandon and I met in 2012 through CRU. Brandon being the intuitive person that he is knew pretty much right away that I liked him but “just wanted to be friends.” So for a semester, we spent time together just as friends– working on homework together, going for night drives in his red pickup truck, spending an afternoon together at Walmart while he got new tires, you you…. the usual things. After visiting his parents for Thanksgiving, Brandon returned to school and told me he wanted to pursue dating to which I responded I wasn’t sure because we had spent SO much time being “just friends”. After some deliberations, we decided to date and did so for 53 weeks before Brandon popped the question. Brandon’s favorite part of the engagement story is my response which was “Yes, absolutely!” We were married 18 months after that on June 6, 2015.

Since our wedding day, our life together has been nothing short of exciting. This blog is our way of sharing with our friends and family about our new adventures as well as a way for us to be able to fully reflect on the amazing experiences that God has allowed us to have together. Whether those adventures are while traveling (and the inevitable things that go wrong), things we have learned while being married, new things we have tried or just random things from daily adventures, we are so excited to share our life with you!