Our First Anniversary Adventure

We had the unique opportunity to spend our one year anniversary in California (which we never thought would happen.) We ended up working on our actual anniversary– duty calls– but we were able to have the morning off together and decided to go to my favorite beach, Goat Rock. My wonderful sisters had the foresight to have our guests write advice to us for different anniversaries to be read on the day of that anniversary. So, we packed the year one wine bottle of advice, a blanket, and our gifts for each other into the car and headed off for the beach. We found a spot and got settled in to enjoy each other’s company and reminisce on the year we had.

Just the fact that we were sitting on a sandy beach watching the ocean waves roll in was an amazing thing. We never thought that we would live in California or have the experiences that we had up to that point. If you have never been to the ocean, you have got to make it a point to visit one. The roll of the waves and sound of the water crashing upon itself is so mesmerizing. I never thought I would be able to move away from the ocean (and while we are currently landlocked I know that the ocean will forever be one of my favorite places and somewhere we will visit again.)

After exchanging our year paper gifts for each other we decided to look at the advice that our friends and family had written for us. However, it wouldn’t be true BA Chappell fashion if we could easily retrieve and read our advice now would it? Being that the advice was written on scraps of paper and shoved into a wine bottle (which has a thinner neck….) we weren’t able to get any of the papers out of the bottle. I really didn’t want to break the wine bottle, so we decided to enjoy some more time watching the waves and talking about our year and then took the bottle home to be finagled with there.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting my husband, you should know that he is an awesome problem solver! His critical thinking and problem solving skills are unbelievable. He created the contraption pictured below out of a pen, tape and bobby pin and was able to hook most of the advice out of the bottle without ripping them. Not to say it wasn’t a struggle (I have video evidence that proves otherwise), but he made it work without breaking the bottle or losing any of the advice written for us. Going through the notes written by our beloved guests at the wedding was such a sweet and special thing for us. We shared lots of laughs and sentimental sighs (okay, I was one the one with the sentimental sighs… but Brandon appreciated them too!). I truly can’t thank my sisters enough for putting this together for us and I look forward to reading the other advice bottles when we hit those mile markers.

What advice would you give a couple on their one year anniversary? (Please share even if you are single, dating or married… everyone has something to bring to the table. :))

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