“Take Heart, I Have Overcome the World” John 16:33

Being away from home last year (2016) for Easter was hard on me. It was the first Easter I had ever been away from my family. For much of my life, Easter was about time with family, Easter egg hunts and going to church as a family. Growing up, I may not have realized what Easter was really about– Christ’s sacrifice, death and resurrection, however I knew that it was a Christian holiday and that my family gathered to celebrate it.

Growing up, we would go to church, then have a family meal and find our Easter eggs and Easter baskets. Even when we grew older and it was my nieces’ and nephews’ turn to search for their Easter treats, my older sister always got things for us “older kids”. She is so thoughtful in that way, for all things.

While in California and In preparation for the perceived difficulty ahead, Brandon and I sent my nieces and nephews as well as all my siblings and my parents Easter baskets from California. It was my way of still being a part of the festivities, even though we couldn’t be with the family. It was so fun to see all of the pictures my sister sent to me of the kids with the box of Easter baskets and candy.

We also decide to hide Easter eggs in our trailer for each other. It was just a fun thing I thought of for Brandon and I to do to remember our Easter in California. One of us would start to hide the filled eggs for the other person while the other person waited outside. (There is nowhere for a person to “hide” while hiding Easter eggs in a trailer.)

It was a lot of fun discovering the small nooks and crannies of the trailer that could serve as hiding places for Easter eggs. It became almost a challenge to find a place in the trailer that the other person hadn’t noticed before.

This year we decided to continue the tradition and hide eggs for each other at Mike and Kim’s house. Brandon’s eggs were filled with Cadbury eggs (an obsession for Cadbury started after Brandon’s trip to England to visit his dad.)

I gave Brandon more of a challenge this year, asking him to think of something other than candy to put into my eggs (since I am trying to cut my sugar intake way down.) Brandon blew my expectations out of the water by hiding buttons in my eggs (as well as chocolate covered raisins because they are AMAZING) to use in my crafting. Specifically, I plan on making aprons out of pillow cases (thank you Angela Hurst!) and he thought I could use the buttons for the aprons. I can’t wait to get started (and hopefully show you all my work once it’s done.)

Below you can find pictures of the egg hunt and some hiding places from this year. (P.S. It was all Brandon’s idea to take the “artsy” photo from above haha)

While our annual egg hiding is a fun Easter activity, I love how we both know, Easter is not about the “Easter Bunny” or chocolate bunnies or hidden plastic eggs filled with treats. Easter is about love, the love of our Lord who sacrificed Himself for us, for our sins, to bring us to Him and to offer Himself as ours and a celebration of his triumph over the grave. It is the message that even though we are sinners, God in His perfectness desires us. So much that He took our imperfections upon Himself to make us perfect. Easter is about the goodness of our God, in giving us a gift that not a single person I know deserves. No one on this Earth deserves the gift that Jesus gave. We are broken, sinful people.

But in our sin, God sees us for who we truly are. We are HIS. We are made in HIS image. And we have the opportunity to truly know Him, to be with Him in Heaven. Because of the brutal death followed by the amazing resurrection (raising to life) of that same man who died for us. And we have the joy of sharing this amazing truth with others.

I am so fortunate to be married to a man that knows the Lord and strives after Him. I love to worship with Brandon and talk about how amazing our Lord is and how good He is! Since becoming a Christian and sharing Easter with Brandon, each Easter feels more and more fulfilling. We wake with a delight in the Lord and His goodness over us. We celebrate His promises to us and dream of all the good things to come. We thank God for our families and the time that we get to spend with them, not only on holidays, but just to live life with them. And we know that everything we have is because God has made the way for us. No decision is made without our Lord in mind. We didn’t pick up and move to California because we wanted to live in the woods. We know that in Christ’s death, we have freedom to do the things we love and to tell people about the God we love. And in Christ’s death and resurrection, we have life.

What does Easter mean to you? What are your family’s Easter traditions?

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