5 Best Places to Eat In Milwaukee

5 Best Places to Eat In Milwaukee Co.

For all my fellow foodies out there—since moving away from Milwaukee, there are certain restaurants that are unique to Milwaukee that I CRAVE while being away. Brandon and I make it a point to go to these places as often as we can when we travel back home. Whether it is for 24 hours breakfast, craft beer, creative pizza concoctions or taco Tuesday, these are some of the best places to get good eats in Milwaukee, Wi.

Café Hollander– The first Café Hollander that we ever went to actually opened up just a few blocks from my childhood home in the Village of Wauwatosa. One of the huge appeals to Café Hollander is the outdoor patio and craft beer selections served. If you are looking to just enjoy a beverage and snack- the big soft pretzel is the way to go! If you want to feel like a real Wisconsinite- you can’t go wrong with the “Sconnie” burger- a juicy, delicious burger served on a pretzel bun topped with a skewer of cheese curds! Another draw to Café Hollander are the dipping sauces you can get with their “frites” (regular or sweet potato) including smoked chipotle aioli or roasted garlic aioli. Café Hollander has only gained popularity and expanded locations. Another great fact about Hollander—there are three other cafes/restaurants owned by the same company as Hollander that serve the Milwaukee area—Café Baveria (which just opened next to the Café Hollander in Wauwatosa), Grand Café Centraal, and Café Benelux. All are great choices!

Ian’s Pizza – to say that I lived off of Ian’s pizza is college is probably an understatement……. I was never known to turn down an offer to get Ian’s haha. This pizza joint with two locations in Milwaukee serves many college students in the area. The best thing about Ian’s—the specialty pizzas. Mac and Cheese, Penne Alfredo, Buffalo Chicken, Spinach Feta Pesto, Philly Cheese Steak and so many others! You can buy pizza by the slice or by the pie. Our favorite? —we would order their (HUGE) 20-inch pizza—half Smokey the Bandit (chicken, barbecue sauce, ranch and cheese -I’m basically drooling while I type this-) and half mac and cheese. Given the size of the pizza, we ALWAYS had leftovers which was great (who doesn’t LOVE cold pizza for breakfast?) The variety that Ian’s offers is so amazing with new options all the time. They also have featured pizzas by month and salad options.

Pegasus (West Allis)– Situated just across the street from the Wisconsin State Fair Grounds, this gem or a restaurant is open 24 HOURS A DAY!! The best part—they serve BREAKFAST all day! My family has been going to Pegasus for more years than I care to count (well over 10 years.) In all the years we have enjoyed Pegasus, I can probably count on one hand the number of times that I got something other than breakfast- it’s just THAT GOOD! Some of my favorites are their ham and cheese omelets, skillet potatoes, as well as steak and eggs. Pegasus offers traditional American options as well as greek options. Brandon has gotten the greek skillet/omelet a time or two and really enjoyed it. Not sold yet? One of the best things about Pegasus is their family atmosphere and exceptional service. This is a place where you are always welcomed with a smile and can guarantee that you will be served quality food in a timely fashion.

Bel Air Cantina– Another hot spot that opened in Wauwatosa a few years back is Bel Air Cantina. I think one of the things that draws people in initially is their outdoor patio seating along with the cool garage door walls that open during beautiful weather. You are immediately served chips with three different dipping sauces—red and green salsa and a queso. These are refilled as many times as you ask throughout the meal at no additional charge (score!). Ordering your food can be somewhat of an adventure if you are new to reading Spanish (like I am.) But the servers are more than happy to describe the dishes to you. You can pick and choose as many different tacos as you want, corn or flour tortillas and your sides. Beware, they can be really busy but I promise the food is worth the wait!

The Safehouse– this Spy-themed restaurant is probably one of the most fun and interactive restaurants I have ever been to in Milwaukee. You start your adventure by trying to find the hidden entrance to the restaurant. Once inside, you are asked to provide the secret password for entrance into the restaurant. Don’t know the password? Well, there are other ways to get into the restaurant at the request of your hostess. This may be anything from silly dancing to acting out a movie scene or whatever the hostess wants to see at that time.  Once you have satisfied the hostess, the secret doors will open and you walk down a hallway to the bar where you find out that your entrance was being broadcast to the restaurant. Fun right?? Once inside you will see all sorts of awesome spy decorations. During your meal, you have the option to follow as set of clues to try and crack a case. There is no shortage of entertainment when you are at the Safehouse. Just remember—if you know the password—DON’T share it, that ruins the fun

Other great places to eat: The Public Market, Culver’s (cheese curds for the win!), Blue’s Egg, and Texas Road House.

Alright, now that I have made myself drool over some of the best options that Milwaukee has to offer—friends and family let’s hear it—do you agree? Disagree? Did I miss one that should be on the list?


***Disclaimer: I am in no way connected with the businesses listed in this blog and am not being compensated for my reviews- just a fan of the establishments and their food 🙂 

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