Seeking Adventures

Adventure can take you to some pretty crazy places. Crazy big, crazy beautiful, crazy far from home.

Our latest adventure has brought us to Kansas. Now, you might be thinking…. How is Kansas an adventurous spot?

It’s true, there may not be a ton of typical adventurous things to do. The adventure that drew Brandon and I here is prepping for the adventures that come out of financial freedom and the eager wish to start a family in the next couple of years.

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The Adventures of Being an Aunt

My nieces and nephews have been in our family for almost half of my life. I can’t really even remember my life before my nieces and nephews. They bring so much joy in their goofy little stories. I would always volunteer to go pick them up from their daycare room because I couldn’t wait to see their giant smiles when they saw me at the door or gate. Nieces and nephews give some of the best hugs (it’s a known fact) and the best snuggles (my oldest nephew is a prime example of this.)

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