Completely, Perfectly, and Incandescently Happy

Last week, Brandon and I celebrated our second anniversary! It’s crazy how fast these past two years have gone. Being married two years seems like forever and not long enough at the same time. 
We have had a lot of adventures in our two years of marriage- moving 4 times, living in California, working in the redwoods- teaching science classes and running challenge courses-, working completely opposite shifts, etc. 
In celebrating our two year anniversary and being a part of some of our best friends wedding, I can’t help but reflect on our wedding day. 
Our wedding day was a close to perfect as possible. The weather was amazing, we were surrounded by friends and family and we finally going to be married!
That morning we spent time with our respective parties (bridesmaids and groomsmen), eating breakfast and getting pampered. Brandon got a straight razor shave (how fancy!) and I got my nails and hair down by some friends. It was great spending time with some of our closest friends and family as we got ready for the big event. 
Waiting in the pastor’s office for the ceremony to start was on of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I could not wait to see my groom at the end of the aisle. I had constant butterflies in my stomach and could not sit still, I was too EXCITED!
I always thought that I would be really nervous being the center of attention as I came down the aisle (I am not someone that likes the spotlight) but all the excitement took over and I was beaming! I loved looking around and seeing friends and family there supporting us. And at the end of the aisle, was my groom!
The ceremony went by so quickly with funny little slip ups and lots of smiling. As a more shy person and someone who doesn’t like PDA, leading up to the wedding I was also really nervous about kissing Brandon in front of everyone, but just like walking down the aisle, excitement took over and it did not bother me at all. 
The reception was such a blast! We had Famous Dave’s cater our wedding and that was one of the best decision we made for our wedding. It was so freaking good!!! (although, I only ate a little bit of it.) We also had a bib decorating contest since we were having messy food and people would be dressed nicely. It was so fun to see everyone’s creative ideas for the bibs. 
Walking around, officially a married couple and talking to all of our friends and family was such a special thing. Weddings are so amazing in that way, they aren’t just a big party, they are a public declaration of your life being joined to another person’s. So having both of our families in one room was really special.
After visiting with friends and family, I danced the whole night away. I really don’t remember being off the dance floor for any large amount of time. The dance floor is definitely the place to be at a wedding!
Like all other weddings, of course we had things that went wrong, but nothing that was so major. Our card box was stolen that night, we almost didn’t have music for the dance party because I forgot my laptop at my parent’s house, and some underage relatives had been served alcohol…… but all in all, it was a great night!
I am so thankful for the advice that we got– that things were going to go wrong, but the wedding isn’t about all the add ons. The wedding is about us, and as long as we ended the day married, then everything went right! 
That night, as we were heading to the bed and breakfast that we booked for the night, we let the windows down, breathed in the cool air and reflected on how absolutely ecstatic we were to be married. No amount of mishaps could ruin the fact that we were married and had our whole married life ahead of us. 
Being able to celebrate Ben and Lizzie’s wedding last weekend was such a delight! Not only are they some of our closest friends, but it is so exciting to be on the other size of a wedding day- having already gotten married- and knowing what pure joy rests on the other side of the wedding. 
Two years in, we are more in love than ever and have more adventures and memories to share and reflect on. Marriage doesn’t mean everything is going to be perfect forever, but I find that no matter what, I have an amazing partner in this crazy life we live and I am completely, perfectly and incandescently happy. (Thank you Pride and Prejudice!)

Revealing Moments

There are some moments in life that show you the quality of the people that surround you. Sometimes, these moments show you the people that don’t meet your needs or expectations. And sometimes, these moments show you the people that hold the qualities you value most.

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Inquiring Minds Want to Know……

Here are some fun facts about Brandon and I!

  1. We met in Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU).
  2. We have been married since June 6, 2015.
  3. We are 2.5 years and 15 days apart in age. Brandon & his brother are 2 years and 15 apart. Brandon’s parents are 1 years apart and 15 days (so I fit the pattern! Woohoo!)
  4. All of the kids in my family (brothers and sisters) have A and B names. (Brandon fits our family’s pattern!)
  5. We both hate to be hot!
  6. We like to read together– and by read together I mean I read out loud to him while he listens 😛
  7. We both hate coffee.
  8. We love the Office (the american one.)
  9. We agree that sandwhiches need to be cut diagonally, into triangles (I have married into this idea.)
  10. We are extremely picky about our BBQ food (Sonny’s in the south is THE BEST!)
  11. We both earned our bachelor’s degrees at UW-Milwaukee.
  12. We love going for night drives and listening to country music with the windows down.
  13. We have driven to the west coast and southeast coast together.
  14. We love to entertain and have people over.
  15. We love to travel– our travel-to list includes: england, scotland, Italy, Norway, Hawaii and more!
  16. We both get sunburned really easily (our children don’t stand a chance at tanning well.)
  17. We love thunderstorms.
  18. We want to get a dog and name him Leonidas (so when the dog gets scolded Brandon can yell “Leonidas!”.
  19. Brandon is lactose intolerant and I grew up drinking a gallon of milk a week. (I spent a long time telling Brandon his Lactaid milk was not real milk.)
  20. Brandon is a severe extrovert and I tend to be more introverted. (I know, those of you that know him are SOOOO surprised.)
  21. We love going to the zoo and usually try to go to the zoo in  any places that we visit. So far, we love the Omaha zoo the best!
  22. Brandon lived in 19 different places by the time we met in Milwaukee. I had never lived outside of Milwaukee County when we met.
  23. Brandon loves to mountain bike….. I choose to not do things that I will likely get injured doing (haha). Brandon says if he doesn’t come back bleeding, he didn’t try hard enough.
  24. The only place I have been to outside of the United States is Canada. Brandon has been to Mexico, Israel, Korea, England, Scotland, Ghana and Germany.
  25. Brandon HATES feet but worked in a shoe store for 5 years (where he put shoes on and off of people.)